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Swim Team 101: Key Benefits of Joining

What is a competitive swim team?

Competitive swim team is a year round team that offers advanced, technical instruction and training to swimmers who demonstrate competency in the four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly).

Why join competitive swimming?

There is a lot of required preparation for joining a competitive swim team and can certainly be overwhelming. It begs the question “Is all the effort worth it?” Yes, it most certainly is. The benefits of competitive swimming can be categorized into three main subjects: physical health improvements, the psychological benefits of swimming itself, and the psychological and social benefits of participation in a team sport for children, and safety.

The physical benefits of swimming are many and varied. Exercise is good for overall health, no surprises there. Swim teams in particular offer a unique environment in which kids can meet their exercise requirements. Benefits can include but are not limited to: weight reduction and management, improved pulmonary health and efficiency, improved musculoskeletal health, and improved neurological health.

Swimming on a swim team provides excellent aerobic exercise. In this day and age sedentary lifestyles are becoming an increasingly large problem for children. The solution to this problem is to get out and exercise! Benefits of consistent exercise for people of all ages are far too numerous and varied to list. However, swimming on a team provides a safe and consistent way for your child to meet their exercise needs.

Studies show that fitness swimming improves pulmonary (lung and respiratory) health by both increasing lung capacity and the efficiency that the body absorbs and uses oxygen. In other words, swimming will help to increase the strength at which kids breathe, the size of the breath, and how well their bodies use the oxygen they intake.

Even if your child loves the water they may not love swimming on a team. Most kids who thrive on teams usually display a blend of the following: hard work, energy, a competitive nature, and dedication. Regardless, we always advise interested parents to research what is involved and to think hard about if it would be something their child would enjoy.

What do we offer here at Blacktip Swim School?

We at Blacktip Swim School offer a safe, encouraging environment for kids to transition from swim lessons to a more competitive swim practice. With weekly structured workouts our goal is to create a stronger, more confident swimmer. While instilling hard work, and discipline to their swim routine. Safety is our main concern and developing lifelong skills is our promise.

Interested in joining the Blacktip Swim School Swim Team Program? Contact us today for more information on how to sign up!


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