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3 Reasons To Learn To Swim in the Offseason

As Fall and Winter approaches, most people start to think about shutting down swimming activities due to the cooler weather. While swimming and cold weather don't tend to mix, there are actually several reasons why learning to swim at an indoor swimming pool during the offseason could actually be better than in the Spring and Summer. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should learn to swim in the offseason.

1. More Class Flexibility

During the Spring and Summer months especially, it can be difficult to find availability for swim lessons; sometimes leaving you with few options that are less favorable to your schedule. As summer starts to wind down, it's quite common to see classes open up allowing you to set up a learn to swim schedule that is more suitable to your busy itinerary. An additional benefit includes being able to make up missed classes since most swim school makeup lesson policies are based on availability. If more classes have openings, make up lessons are easier to schedule and attend ensuring your dollars don't go to waste!

2. More Chances to Save

Fall and Winter are known notoriously as "holiday season" and for good reason. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines are arguably the popular holidays in the year! With these holidays come some of the biggest sales of the year, and swim lessons are no exception. Learning to swim during the offseason might actually be cheaper if you score one of the deals offered by the swim school. While Spring and Summer sales do sometimes happen, the deepest amount of savings are usually offered in the offseason making this another reason to learn to swim in the offseason.

3. More Summertime Swimming

Perhaps the most beneficial reason to learn to swim in the offseason is to make sure you're prepared to swim and enjoy the pool in the Spring and Summer! After all, what good is outdoor swimming if you can't use your skills during warm-weather months? Swimming during the Fall and Winter gives you a chance to grow and sharpen your swim skills to prepare you for outdoor pool activities and those all-important summer vacations. If you take swim lessons during the summer, the likelihood of you maximizing pool enjoyment is lowered just because you're still in the learning process and it takes time for the body to adjust to new skills learned. Taking swim lessons in the offseason will ensure you're ready for day 1 summer fun next year!

Are you interested in taking swim lessons this offseason? Visit our registration page to book lessons or contact Blacktip Swim School today!


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