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Top 5 Upgrades To Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your own backyard is a dream that many people have. If you’re one of those lucky ones whose dream has come true, why not treat yourself to some great pool upgrades that will truly enrich your experience. Some of these upgrades will enable you to enjoy late-night swims and more intensive workouts while others will provide you with some luxurious amenities. So, dive into your different options and pick one (or all) that meets your needs.

Remote automation for an easy access

Pool automation is a high-tech feature that more and more pool owners are embracing. Not only will it transform your pool into a modern addition, but it will also provide you with easy access because you’ll be able to control your pool features from your smartphone. Remote pool automation will enable you to turn on the heater from anywhere and get your pool ready for swimming on a chilly night. Of course, heating isn’t the only feature controlled by an automatic system. Other options, such as turning the lights and pumps on or monitoring and managing pool chemicals, can be also done automatically and remotely.

An automatic cleaner for easy maintenance

Swimming is all about safety, which means that your pool should be completely clean and chemical-free. This is of the utmost importance for your health, so you should consider installing an automatic cleaner that will keep your pool clean even when you forget to. With state-of-the-art cleaning systems, you don’t have to deal with vacuuming manually or skimming the water, but you can just dive in and enjoy your swim. It’s important that you choose a high-quality cleaner that will remove all those germs, viruses and parasites that might be hiding in your swimming pool.

Appropriate lighting for night-time dips

There’s something so refreshing, relaxing and energising about night-time swimming. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also beneficial for your health. It’s a great way to relieve stress at the end of a day, get a great, but low-impact cardio session and enhance your sleep. However, in order to be able to swim in the evening, you need to install stunning pool lights that will light up your swimming area and create an enchanting, relaxing ambience. You can go with multi-coloured lights for a truly mesmerising effect or opt for simple, but classic ones. However, you should definitely consider installing LED lights in order to reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills. Nonetheless, whichever choice you make, this is a practical upgrade that will enable you to swim into the night.

Jets for a spa-like experience

If you’ve always wanted both a pool and a spa, why not turn your existing pool into a spool? A spool is a combination of a spa and pool that will offer you some great benefits. And all you need to do is install high-quality jets that will create a spa-like experience. Not only will you be able to relax and enjoy the swirling water, but you’ll also have an opportunity to try more intensive swimming. By installing jets in your pool, you’ll be able to swim against the pressure, which is far more demanding than relaxed swimming. Afterwards, you can let the jets massage your muscles while you immerse yourself in this luxurious experience. You have different options when it comes to jets – you can go with high-pressure or low-pressure ones depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Green upgrades for lower bills

Installing energy-saving pool features will help you cut your energy bills and protect the environment. With so many technological advancements, you can reduce your electricity consumption by almost 60 percent. You have a range of green options at your disposal, from energy-saving pumps, filters and heaters to LED lights and UV sanitation systems. Although some of these features might cost more initially, they typically pay off in the long run by lowering your bills and increasing your savings.

From stunning lights, luxurious jets and automated systems to eco-friendly and energy-saving features, you have plenty of options to upgrade your pool and enhance your swimming experience.

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